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The main material of the ISO refitted container house is that the frame is channel steel, and the wall top is color steel sandwich panel. The quality of these two materials directly affects the quality of the living container.
The ISO modified container house design introduces modern home elements, which can be freely assembled and disassembled according to the different environments of the house and according to needs.
The mobile container hospital can be moved and recycled, and it is easy to install. It adopts modular design and factory production. The box is used as the basic unit, which can be used alone, or can form a spacious use space through different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions,
The flexibility of a container hospital is that its scale can be adjusted at any time. In a major epidemic, more containers will be placed, and the entire expressway will be closed.
Hospital in container [ 2022-05-13 ]
A "mobile hospital" is a mobile hospital that can be moved to any place. The biggest advantage is that it can "carry" a complete comprehensive medical rescue system to the vicinity or site of disaster relief, so as to quickly implement on-site rescue and reduce "transportation".
Entering the 21st century, global natural disasters and emergencies occur frequently, resulting in the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives. The direct and indirect economic losses are an undeniable fact.
Under COVID-19, Japanese companies have launched small mobile hospitals to deal with emergencies such as disasters.
For the three characteristics of quickness, accuracy and ruthlessness required for epidemic prevention and control, folding containers are definitely the first choice for containerized isolation rooms in Fangcang shelter hospitals.
Customers who have used container houses know that the main materials of container mobile homes are channel steel for the frame and sandwich panels for the wall and ceiling
The prefabricated container modular house takes the container as the basic module, adopts the manufacturing mode, and completes the structural construction and interior decoration of each module in the factory with an assembly line
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